Shure SM7b - $400
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This has been my go to microphone for 4 years. It has a very flat frequency response and a smooth sound. It works well for almost all voices, but leans towards being darker than most other mics, and it requires a lot of gain.


Rode NT1 Kit - $270
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This is one of my favorite microphones I’ve used that is under $500. It offers a relatively neutral sound which produces a much more natural sound than a lot of modern condenser microphones. If you’re looking to capture audio more accurately at a relatively low cost, this is a great option.


Universal Audio Arrow - $500
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This is my current daily driver. I reviewed it a year ago and it has not left my desk since. The UAD Plugin ecosystem is amazing (even though it is prohibitively expensive). This interface is Thunderbolt 3, so you need to ensure the computer you’re connecting it to has a Thunderbolt 3 connector.


Sennheiser HD650 - $320
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This set of headphones has become my daily drivers for non studio work. They are flat, and less fatiguing than the MDR7506’s, and are open back with an amazing sound stage. All around these are the most fun headphones I’ve ever listened to. Not for someone concerned with hearing external noise.


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These are industry standard headphones for recording studios. That is because they have a punchy low end with an accentuated top end. This gives them plenty of detail for you to hear all sorts of mistakes/errors in your recordings.