100,000 Subscribers!

On May 12th, 2015 I uploaded my first review to the Podcastage youtube channel, and it was a review of a bag. It may seem crazy to think that an “Audio Review” channel started with a review of a bag, but I was just reviewing what I had around my house because I couldn’t afford to buy a bunch of stuff.

At that time, I never thought I would get any traction on YouTube because after all, I am just some random guy filming himself in his spare bedroom talking about stuff that he thinks is cool. But thanks to the amazing support of people on youtube, we hit 100,000 subscribers on April 9th, 2019. I was only able to do this because of everyone’s support and criticism, and I am beyond grateful for that. If you watch my early mic reviews, they are trash, and the only reason they have gotten better is because of the constant critiques and suggestions I received in the comments. That’s why I say that WE hit 100,00 subscribers, because this is not something that I did alone, it’s something that we did (and I know this sounds like some kind of cheesy line from Mighty Ducks 7 or something, but it’s true).

In the video above, I forgot to mention this, and I think it’s important to say. I am INSANELY grateful for YouTube existing. Not only does it provide a platform to upload video content for free (which used to be prohibitively expensive, and it’s why I signed up for my first youtube account in October 2005), but also because they have an algorithm and great search engine that helps surface content. This is not me making excuses for google or youtube because they make plenty of mistakes, and I’ll continue to criticize them for this, but I do think that they deserve a huge amount of credit for doing all they do for creators.

Thank you all again for the support, you’re amazing and I appreciate each and everyone of you. Here’s to 40 more years of me screaming at you all on the internet.