International Podcast Day 2019

I am honored to announce that I will be a part of International Podcast Day 2019, on September 29th @ 9PM PDT. I will be a guest on a session discussion connections, hosted by Heather Welch (New Zealand) who is the host of Sunshine & Powercuts. I would love if you were able to make it by for this live stream with any questions or input you have on making connections.

You can stop by the livestream and celebrate international podcasters on Sunday (9/29) and on the official International Podcasting Day (9/30) at

I am also proud to announce that Geeks Rising is a Celebration Supporter of the international podcast day because we love what Dave Lee and his team are doing over there to bring people across the world together.

Once the replay for the live stream is available, I will post it as a part of this blog post.