Conversations with Creators


I hope you’re not sick of me yet because there is another guest spot episode, with many more to come.

I was just a guest on Conversations with Creators, a show that is on the Geeks Rising Podcast network. If you don’t know about this, Geeks Rising is a podcast network I started back in 2014/2015, and within a few months brought Logan on to write on the site.

On this episode, Logan and I why I started creating youtube videos, why I started podcasting, and how I almost quit doing Podcastage. I also share a message that I don’t think is shared enough between content creators, that you DO NOT have to post your entire life on social media to be successful, and you will likely lead a safer life if you don’t. There’s also a nice guest spot from your favorite Cricket, Jimminy.

Thanks again to Logan for having me on the episode, I had so much fun in this chat. Hope you enjoy the guest spot and make sure to check out other episodes from Logan on Conversations with Creators.