Conversations with Creators


I hope you’re not sick of me yet because there is another guest spot episode, with many more to come.

I was just a guest on Conversations with Creators, a show that is on the Geeks Rising Podcast network. If you don’t know about this, Geeks Rising is a podcast network I started back in 2014/2015, and within a few months brought Logan on to write on the site.

On this episode, Logan and I why I started creating youtube videos, why I started podcasting, and how I almost quit doing Podcastage. I also share a message that I don’t think is shared enough between content creators, that you DO NOT have to post your entire life on social media to be successful, and you will likely lead a safer life if you don’t. There’s also a nice guest spot from your favorite Cricket, Jimminy.

Thanks again to Logan for having me on the episode, I had so much fun in this chat. Hope you enjoy the guest spot and make sure to check out other episodes from Logan on Conversations with Creators.

PodLords with Jim Harold

I was recently interviewed by THE Jim Harold on his show PodLords. I am beyond honored to be included amongst such amazing guests such as Elsie Escobar, Todd Cochrane, Dave Jackson, Ray Ortega, and many more. If you’re unaware of who Jim Harold is, he is an OG podcaster who started in 2005 with The Paranormal Podcast, and has expanded to include more than 5 shows, not including the premium show she puts out. He is an absolute legend and staple in the podcast industry.

On this episode, we discussed what got me into podcasting, what my microphone recommendations are in three separate pricing levels (low, medium, high), and we also discuss why I am not personally a fan of the hugely popular podcast microphone, the Heil PR40.

Thank you so much Jim for having me on the show, I had an absolute blast, and think you’re doing amazing work. If you would like to check out some of Jim’s other podcasts (including my favorite the Paranormal Podcast) check out